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Clyde - 1958 Ford Fairlane
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Clyde is a founding member of Blood Sweat and Gears

Clyde and Meribeth's
1958 Ford Fairlane
with Procharged 32V 4.6V8
9inch,5speed,disc brks

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Clyde paid $550.00 for this car when he was 16 years old.  His dad went through the ceiling saying it was a $300.00 car.  He found his old Fairlane in February 2006.  The car had been repainted and the engine had been replaced.  He purchased the car back for $3500.00 and could not sit in it because most of the floor was gone. He took the the car to Midway, Arkansas where she was gone through from new sub-frame and custom floor to all new glass, rubber and window tracks.  Clyde installed a fuel injected 4.6 DOHC Mustang V8, a ProCharger with intercooler, a 5 speed transmission, 9 inch positraction rear axle, power disc brakes, remote power windows and so on.  Lots of fun to drive!
All that is left to complete is to finish the a/c and heat.
LIVE YOUR DREAMS you only go around once.